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  1. Katie Dailey

    It is coincidental that this morning albeit in a different context I was mullling over your ideas presented in the second and third paragraphs:
    “In other words, we can’t always control what happens, but we can always choose how we react to it. When the inevitable challenges arise, how are we responding? And is it OK to respond with anger and frustration?
    I’m a big proponent of feeling the feels. We have every right to our feelings. The question is, how long do we want to sit with feelings of anger, frustration, negativity, fear, anxiety? I’m not suggesting that we ignore or push those feelings aside. I am suggesting that we sit with them, recognize them, and make the decision to work our way out of them.”

    This morning I was trying to come up with tools from my tool kit that allow me to control my reactions while allowing me to feel my emotions.

    You have given me another tool. I need to check my reasons for asking questions:
    “Are we questioning to understand, or are we questioning to blame? Ignore? Deny?”

    Another spot on post that resonates with me!

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