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  1. Stephanie Stollar

    Thanks for listening and reading, Megan. Here are answers to your questions.
    1. First and foremost: Have I interpreted your recommendation correctly?
    Mostly. You don’t suspend the whole core program, just the word recognition parts. You only do this if more than 20% of the grade is scoring below expectation on screening. If less than 20%, your intervention system can probably take care of it.
    2. How do you reintroduce the core program if those groups of students didn’t have access to it while they received instruction on those needed skills?
    You will be double dosing the word recognition instruction so students catch up asap. Some students will always be getting core, so that group just grows larger as kids catch up.
    3. Do you progress monitor weekly to ensure that the needed instruction is “getting the job done?” Yes
    4.How long does it typically take to move students “back” to the core program? Depends on the grade, how far behind kids are, how small you can get the groups, and if you have enough time in both doses (tier 1 and 2/3) to get in a full two lessons each day. Could be a year in K and 1. Will be more than a year in 2-6. I prioritize K and 1 and then things are good from there!
    5. Would you recommend dedicating your available resources (interventionists, special education teachers, coaches, librarians) to K – 2 at the beginning of the year, rather than utilizing them at all other grade levels? Yes! Prevention, prevention, prevention. We have good evidence that we can prevent reading problems but not much evidence that we can effectively intervene.

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