SOR Books


The Knowledge Gap, Natalie Wexler, 2019

Know Better, Do Better, Liben & Liben, 2019

Equipped for Success,  David Kilpatrick, 2016


Recipe for Reading, Frances Bloom and Nina Traub, 2000

The Writing Revolution, Natalie Wexler, 2017

Language at the Speed of Sight, Mark Seidenberg, 2017

Speech to Print, Louisa Cook Moats, 2020

The Reading Mind, Daniel Willingham, 2017

Reading in the Brain, Stanislas Dehaene, 2009

How to Plan Differentiated Reading Instruction, Sharon Walpole and Michael McKenna, 2017

Specific to the EL Education Curriculum:

Your Curriculum Companion, K-5, EL Education, 2017

Your Curriculum Companion, 6-8, EL Education, 2020

Transformational Literacy, Berger & Woodfin, 2014


Management in the Active Classroom, Berger, Strasser, and Woodfin, 2015

Leaders of Their Own Learning, Berger, Rugen, and Woodfin, 2014

Structured Literacy Interventions, edited by Louise Spear-Swerling, 2022

Structured Literacy Interventions: Teaching Students with Reading Difficulties, Grades K-6