Professional Learning for Continuous Improvement

According to NNSTOY (The National Network of State Teachers of the Year), the standard around Research falls in the third domain:

Domain III:  Promoting professional learning for continuous improvement

The teacher leader understands the evolving nature of teaching and learning, established and emerging technologies, and the school community. The teacher leader uses this knowledge to promote, design, and facilitate job-embedded professional learning aligned with school improvement goals.

For the purposes of my evaluation in the Fort Madison Community School District, Domain 3 is further broken down into two sub-domains, outlined with a three point rubric, illustrated below:

Domain 3: Promoting professional learning for continuous improvement
Expectation: Accomplished

What it looks like…


What it looks like…


What it looks like…

3.1 Engages in continuous professional growth. Teacher leader continuously seeks new experiences and opportunities for learning rather than taking the stance of an “expert”.  Teacher leader takes advantage of some opportunities for new learning limited to those that are convenient or required.  Teacher leader does not take advantage of opportunities for new learning, even when such activities are clearly needed for the enhancement of skill.
3.2 Reflects on professional practice  Teacher leader’s reflection is highly accurate and perceptive, citing specific examples. 

Teacher leader is eager for suggestions to improve practice.

Teacher leader’s reflection on practice is moderately accurate and objective, without citing specific examples.

Teacher leader is open to suggestions of alternative strategies.

Teacher leader rarely reflects on practice, or the reflections are inaccurate and self-serving.

Teacher leader is not open to suggestions of alternative strategies.