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  1. Debra Ridgway


    Please don’t compare yourself with others you think or know may be worse off than you. Here is why. .

    Your struggles are real and they are yours. Embrace them and use them to better yourself and others around you. What we each go through is what we go through and what is something that is tough for me, may not be tough for you.

    I truly believe we go through these seasons for a reason, sometimes we see it through and understand the why and sometimes we just get through. Keep your head up!!! You truly are a gem.

    I miss you coming into my room working with me. I felt like you were a great sounding board that helped me better my teaching. We are all overwhelmed now. I miss those days and weeks that but we will get through these seasons. Here is a hug from me, I can’t let you finish reading this without that.

    PS. I really think someone needs to come up with some better anti-spam words LOL

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